Tuesday 20th August

After a totally unproductive day yesterday (well apart from ordering a new car!) I didn’t think I’d get anything done this evening as I had a rehearsal for the show.

However, rehearsal (for me) finished early and as I was in the mood, I got on with the Breeches.    Although I’d stitched the two back sections of the breeches together on Saturday, I hadn’t put in the 2 rows of gathering stitches between the notches, so I did this first.

Then the crotch seam (side to side or leg to leg) was sewn, making sure the CF and CB seams matched as did the notches.  This was as far as I got sadly, however I did have time to take a few photos of the buttons I’m thinking of using.

I’ve decided to use these buttons on the front flap, I know that they are not strictly the right period, but I happened to have 2 left over from the ‘SteamGoth’ outfit I made and they look pretty good on the fabric.

To connect the underlaps (this will prevent the breeches falling down when the front flap is un-buttoned….) the pattern asks for 2 hook closures (the ones that can be found on the front of most trousers) but this isn’t period enough for me so I thought I’d use buttons, but which ones:


These metal ones look lovely, but they won’t be seen, and they are also ‘shank’ buttons (i.e. they have a shank or pole that sticks out of the back of the button) – which means they may stick in and be uncomfortable.


These wooden ones will be far more practicable, but to my eye they look a bit light on the fabric even though they don’t look wrong….. if you know what I mean.

I have since found out that these would have been laced, rather than buttoned something like the image on the right with eye holes for the laces:


What I have however is the image on the left, so I think I’m stuck with buttons unless I want to un-pick and re-adjust (which I simply don’t have the time for).




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