Wednesday 12th September

I’ve turned the waistcoat right side out and pressed it and it’s absolutely fine.  I think at this point if I add interfacing to the front panels it will make them too thick and a bit like ‘cardboard’ so I’m going to leave well alone.

Next step is to finish off the side seams – firstly the lining seam allowances are pressed to the ‘wrong’ side and then the outer edges are sewn together.  This can be a little tricky as you need to ensure that the lining is pinned well out of the way.  Once the outer seams are sewn, they are pressed, and the lining is hand stitched.


This needs time and attention to detail so that the stitching is invisible.   Slip stitch or ladder stitch is often used for this – and I’m using ladder stitch here.  The results are pretty good:


This seam of course isn’t finished, I just thought I’d show you what it would look like with the needle out of the way.

Once both sides are completed I’ll press this ready for the button holes and buttons.

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