Monday 1st October

Where did September go????

Show week was a blur – far too much going on – but I did manage to finish the costume – I know I posted a quick update, but I’ll elaborate on that here.

Unfortunately my Uncle was unable to attend Mum’s 80th, so the Steampunk Waistcoat and cravat are still with me – I’ll post them to him later.   Yes, Mum’s celebrations went very well, thanks for asking.

Right, so back to the period waistcoat – when we last spoke, I’d finished the main structure and just needed to add buttons.   The difficulty was which buttons?  I had 3 options that might have worked, so went to the hive mind on FB to get a perspective…

Waistcoat buttons

Sadly the hive mind was split 3 ways on this one!  It’s probably because the material looks like it’s more of a gold colour in this photo, when it’s actually lime green – in the end I went with option 2 – I felt that they ‘fitted’ better with the overall look.  Button 1 was a bit too ‘common’ if you know what I mean and button 3 was too small.

Fifteen, yes, 15 buttons and button holes later, the waistcoat was finished.  (I’ve added a picture of the back of the waistcoat so that you can see this is a simple ‘tie’ back – no special clips or clasps.)

As not all of the buttonholes are practical, I decided to not ‘cut’ those that won’t be used, this helps prevent the fabric distorting – there are 3 buttonholes (and buttons of course) at the top and 5 at the bottom that won’t ever be used; they are just there for decoration and to ‘balance’ the garment.

The above photos show the waistcoat done up without the shirt and then how it looks with the shirt and not done up – I think you can agree that it was all beginning to come together.

All I had to do know was to put the whole outfit together and check that it would work…..

Above you can see the main looks that I was going for – (although I must remember to angle the hat for every shot in the future).  The first image is of the entire outfit (with a Jabot [Necktie] that my Mum had made me for a different project) – the second is the standard look without the waistcoat and Jabot.

I really only wore the Jabot with the waistcoat buttoned and without the hat and coat – as this was a courtroom scene.  If I manage to get any pics from the show, I’ll post some here.


Whilst I was off in show week, I had to pop into my local charity shops – and found myself another total bargain!

My local charity shops are amazing!  That’s around 5m of Silk Dupion for £3 pm!!!

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