Thursday 11th November

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve been busy – both in my day job and at home; but I have managed to do a bit more sewing.

When I last wrote, I’d just had to remove the invisible zip as I’d broken it when trying to do it up – I think I’d damaged the teeth – well, I bought 2 more zips and ended up using BOTH of them.  The first one went in like a dream, however I’d positioned it incorrectly so it sat above the neck of the dress and had to be removed, I’d already trimmed it to try and make it fit, so I couldn’t re-use it.  (Fortunately zips aren’t that expensive…..!)

Third time was the charm, as they say – I aligned the zip correctly, didn’t damage the teeth or anything – but I did invest in a brand new invisible zip foot for my machine.  The one I was using was a generic one from a set I bought.  The new one was specifically for my Singer and worked better, so a good investment I feel. 

Image is a little blurry and I’ve not pattern matched but you should be able to see the zip insertion

Despite not quite finishing off the dress, (internal seams to bind and hook and eye to attach), I decided that I needed a shirt in the same material, so started on that.  Where I didn’t pattern match the back of the dress (although I will next time) I did pattern match the shirt.   Well, at least I attempted it, cut my fabric, started making the front pieces, realised that they didn’t actually match and dashed off to the fabric shop to buy another metre of the fabric to re-cut one side!

I’d found some lovely buttons in Fabricland to go with this – all in red and hexagons, so those are what I used.

You can see that I’ve used contrast white cotton for the under-collar, inner collar stand and inner cuffs.  The collar is a little narrow as I’ve taken a 1.5 cm seam allowance when I should have taken 1 cm, however I’m calling this a ‘design feature’ – the shirt fits beautifully and is very comfortable to wear. 

I have added the hook and eye to the dress, however, I still need to bind the internal seams, but that’s not a huge job and I intend to do that tonight as well as a couple of alterations for a friend.

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