Thursday 6th December

I seem to either be busy ALL the time, or not at all interested in sewing.  I blame the dark nights – I have every intention of sitting at my machine, but by the time I get home it’s dark and all I want to do is to curl up with a nice glass of wine!

Having said that, last night (with time running out!) I got my finger out and made some Lavender Bags, which I am gifting to some friends along with some other things.

I had originally thought about different shapes for each of them, but that seemed like a lot of effort given the amount of time left before our Christmas get-together, so I thought of stars – yes, nice and Christmassy and nice to hang on the tree – nope!  Far too fiddly, I tried a couple – went straight in the bin, so in the end I decided to go super simple and make presents – square presents – I created the below pattern.


These really are super simple, you only need 3 pieces of material and some ribbon to hang them.  You can even forget the ribbon if you want and just make some sachets.  The pattern is basically a very small cushion cover, one front piece and two overlapped back pieces.

Cut the pieces and on the back pieces press at the fold to the wrong side, then press the raw edge into the fold – press one piece at the top and one at the bootom – you can topstitch here if you want, but the edges will be sewn into the side seams so I don’t bother.

Place the front, right side up and lay over any ribbon that you want to use.  The blue lines in the pattern show you where to lay your ribbon.  If you want to create a bow, then fold the ribbon (ensuring the right side is outermost) and cut a short section, cut another short folded section and a longer folded section (for the hanger).  You could use a cord or similar to use as the hanger.

Ensure that the ribbon pieces do not extend beyond the stitch line (dotted line).  Lay over the back piece with the folded edge at the bottom, and align the top raw edges; now lay over the other back piece with the folded edge at the top, aligning the bottom raw edges.  PRESS!

Pin, ensuring that you have captured all the ribbon pieces, holding them firmly in place.  Stitch (using a 1cm seam allowance) from the middle bottom (take a few back stitches), turning at each corner with the needle in the fabric, until back at the bottom centre – sew a couple of back stitches.  Trim off your cotton and turn the right way out.

I’ve used some organza bags to put my lavender in (bags and lavender are readily available) and the opening at the back means I can replace the bag/lavender with whatever I like – maybe pot pourri or rosemary….


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