2016-12 December

MAKES 6 & 7 – Men’s Waistcoat

  • Pattern – McCalls 8430
  • Materials – Holographic stretch Lycra and matching satin effect material
  • Buttons – Self-covered to match
  • Notions – Waistcoat buckles

December sees me in a Christmas Concert (or two) and we need something wintery (blue or white) for at least one of the numbers.  I decide to make myself a waistcoat – well, I’d bought some vintage patterns from a well known auction site and thought I’d have a go….

Pattern 1

Despite attaching the shoulder seams incorrectly and un-picking, then re-sewing, realising I’d got it right the first timeun-picking and re-sewing again – I got a pretty decent result:

Vest 1

The above picture was taken before I’d added the buttons.

Now, my eyes must be a bit squiffy because I thought that this was a lovely ice-blue colour, but it turns out it’s jade and didn’t work for the number it was made for!  Ah well, back to the drawing board (and the fabric shop), but they didn’t have anything in blue that was appropriate, so I settled on a holographic white.

Vest 2

I made another mistake with this one – the fusible interfacing I’d used on the previous waistcoat was too flimsy, so I thought I’d go for a firmer interfacing…… well, this one was too heavy and the front of the waistcoat is a little like thick paper / thin cardboard.  I’m sure it will ease with washing though……

Vest 3

I am however pleased with the nice crisp neck seams and the neat seams down the centre back.

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