2017-01 January

MAKE 8 – Waterfall front Coat

  • Pattern – Butterick B6244
  • Materials – Black Italian Wool

Pattern 1

Sew, in January, I decided that I should make something for my mum, and whilst I was at the checkout of a local supermarket, I noticed that the lady behind me had a sewing magazine with some free patterns – this pattern caught my eye as it was exactly the sort of thing my mum wears.

I bought the magazine, opened the pattern but was a bit suprised to find that it was only 5 pieces.  Reading through the instructions, there was 1 particular point that I didn’t quite understand, so I decided to make a Toile first, to check I could make it and also to check sizing/fit etc.  I bought a double duvet from a charity shop and created my toile:

Coat 1

I’m glad I did make this as the instuction that I didn’t quite understand meant that I’d sewn the shoulders incorrectly (I’d sewn a dart and what you needed to do was sew a reinforcing ‘V’ and then snip to the point of the V).  I had also sewn the centre collar seam incorrectly so it was on the top of my collar rather than the bottom.

Anyway – I tried this for size and fit, and taking into account the issues with the shoulder seams, it was a good fit, so time to cut my Italian wool.

Coat 2

You may notice that I’ve cut my notches outwards rather than snipping into the seam allowance.  I find that this allows me to match my notches much more easily – and I can then snip off the little v’s after sewing the seam.

There is no lining on this pattern, but you do hem the entirety of the edge of the finished coat.

Coat 3

First three pieces attached – the two sides and the back (cut on the fold) – just the sleeves to insert.

This would be the first time I’d properly inserted sleeves, I’ve got a lot better at it, but it’s still not my favourite job!

Mum was happy with the finished coat, apart from the slight issues with shoulders sitting a little proud.

Coat 4

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