2017-03 March

MAKE 9 – Men’s Tie

  • Pattern – McCalls 8430
  • Materials – Red Cotton

My brother was getting married in September and had decided on Red ties for himself and his Groomsmen.  Unfortunately he couldn’t find quite what he was looking for, so I said that I’d make him one.

Found the fabric in a charity shop, a nice medium weight cotton in Santa Claus red, which is what he wanted.

I thought a tie would be easy…….

Tie 1

Well, it turns out that it’s mostly hand sewn (well with this pattern anyway), and you need a strip of fabric to run through the centre of  the tie.  Iif you have one, try turning it inside out – you won’t be able to, but you should see a sort of hessian type material running through it.

Tie 2

There is lots of pinning and tacking required and you would be surprised at the amount of fabric that is needed just to make a simple tie!

The trickiest part of this is attaching the two pieces together – it looks like you are sewing them together incorrectly, but once the seam is pressed open it all works out ok.

It took me longer than I expected (due to all the hand sewing and finishing) but I achieved a very nice looking tie.

My brother required 6 ties and I didn’t have enough material so he had to source them somewhere else…..

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