2018-02 February

MAKE 12 – Pirate Shirt

  • Pattern – Burda 7332
  • Materials – A sort of faux silk – very slippery and not the easiest to sew
  • Notions – Eyelets, Cord, Aglets and Elastic.

Having made the ‘SteamGoth’ jacket I needed a fancy shirt to go with it, and after looking around for a while I settled on this Burda pattern as it seemed to have enough ruffles for what I needed.

Pattern 1

I only chose a very cheap material as you need nearly 4m of fabric for this shirt and I wasn’t sure if it was going to ‘go’ with the jacket or not.

You would have though it would be a relatively straightforward pattern, just a few pieces, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Shirt 1

I know that Burda patterns have a reputation for having limited instructions, but I find that if you read through first and match with the images, you can’t go to far wrong.  If you still don’t get it, there are often tutorials or blogs available to help walk you through.

Anyway – despite being quite slippery fabric, I was getting along pretty well.

Shirt 4

The frill wasn’t quite centered at the bottom, but I put that down to the slippery fabric!

Everything went swimmingly until I tried to put the eyelets in.  One of them needed a slightly bigger hole, and in trying to increase the size, I sliced right through the neck line placket!  I did a quick running repair with interfacing and unless you look closely you would never know it’s there!

Shirt 6

I have the same material in black and will return to this pattern at some point, at which point I’ll create a tutorial/step by step in case anyone is interested. x

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