2018-06 June

MAKE 19 – Men’s Shirt

  • Pattern – Kwik Sew K3422
  • Materials – Green Leaf Print Cotton
  • Notions – Wooden Buttons

Please click on the image below for full details.

Shirt 8
Green Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

MAKE 20 – Ladies Crossover Top (for Mum)

  • Pattern – Threadcount 1502
  • Materials – Glamour Rose t-shirting
  • Notions – none

This is a lovely pattern to make – however you do need to take measurements to ensure you have a good fit.

Threadcount pattern

I think I ordered this pattern on-line, but I know that it’s quite tricky to get hold of; a number of ladies on one of the Facebook groups that I’m a member of have had some difficulty in obtaining it.

Mum had seen the pattern and I said that when she found some material she liked that I would make it for her.  I was on my way to Fabricland (before visiting Mum) and asked if she wanted to come and look for fabric, but she told me she wanted something with roses on Black or White material, and this is what I found.


It’s a really soft type of jersey with a nice drape and the pattern was perfect.  (There is one in white, but I didn’t think it was quite so nice).

Top 2

The pattern is only 6 pieces, back, 2 arms, front and 2 crossover pieces; however, it can get a little confusing attaching the crossovers – so if you are making this one, take your time and ensure that you are attaching the pieces correctly.

This was only the second time that I’d used my overlocker, but by gum, it didn’t half speed up the process.

Close ups of the crossover above.  The two pieces are an odd shape, but need to be to create this beautiful drape.  The only thing that I would watch is the bottom edge of each piece.  They are both turned up quite a way and the raw edge overlocked, but you may need a couple of tacking stitches here and there to just hold the raw edge up.

I’d popped back over to mum to try this for fit before attaching the arms and it looked just lovely on.  As arms weren’t attached it was difficult to judge length; they seemed a little long, but mum said she would roll sleeves up or similar.

Top 6

Arms fully attached – and you can see how long they are – you can also see that the shoulder seam is quite long.  When I dropped this off with mum, she didn’t have time to try it on – when she did later, there were a couple of tweaks that needed doing.  Shortening of shoulder seams and arm length and dropping the crossover on the left side so that it sits just underneath the bust rather then cutting across it.

Alterations are in progress, I’ll update when they have been completed (hopefully with a pic of mum wearing the top’!).

MAKE 21 – Ladies Vest Top

  • Pattern – Self Drafted from existing garment
  • Materials – T-Shirting Fabric ‘Storks’ (still looks like Flamingos!)
  • Notions – Home-made bias binding

My flatmate loves this fabric.  She wears the Japanese style top a LOT but wanted something that is a little cooler to wear.   As there was quite a bit of material left over from the other top she asked if thee would be enough for a vest-style top.

Well, of course that sounded like a challenge to me, so she gave me an existing top (very badly put together if you ask me, one side seam was significantly askew – curving from the underarm to a third of the way across the front!)   Anyway, I could see how it was meant to be put together, so I folded in half and drafted two pattern pieces (front and back) and just ran up a top (as you do!)

The top is on my male mannequin, not that this makes a lot of difference as the material is stretch jersey so will fit a female form too.  I was quite pleased with the bias binding (and yes, I know that the perfectionists among you will say that it’s not cut on the bias, and you would be right – the material is stretchy enough with big neck and arm holes without cutting to allow for more stretch).

The only slight issue was that the straps were too long which risked some exposure round the sides under the arms – a quick tuck later and the top fits perfectly!

MAKE 22 – Ladies Shirt Dress (long top)

  • Pattern – Self Drafted from existing garment
  • Materials – Floral Summer Grey Crepe de Chine
  • Notions – Grey pearl buttons

Please click on the image below for full details.

Ladies Shirt Dress in Floral Summer Grey Crepe De Chine

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