2016-07 July

MAKE 1 – Men’s Shirt

My first ever make back in July 2016 was a short sleeved men’s shirt – I used some quite cheap cotton in contrasting colours – not that you can see it very well.  Blue flowers and purple flowers on a white background.

The pattern is taken from one of the GBSB (Great British Sewing Bee) books ‘Sew your own Wardrobe) and I’ve found the patterns are available online here.  (Please note that this is an external site which may be withdrawn at any time).

2016 07 - Shirt 1

I’d owned a cheap Ikea sewing machine for a while and wanted to have a go – so I started with a shirt.    Probably one of the trickiest things to start with, but fortunately I didn’t know this at the time.

I didn’t find this too difficult, the collar and the button plackets were the trickiest things to sew, but I’ve come a long way and learned a lot since then.

First – pocket placement

Shirt 1

Front, back, yoke and side seams were next.

Shirt 2

Button plackets – not very neat, but good enough for a first attempt.

Shirt 3

I found hemming the shirt tricky as I was a complete novice and didn’t know about easing the curves or anything!

Shirt 4

First attempt with button holes and buttons – buttons were hand sewn. (I didn’t know about the wonderful button presser foot at this point!)

Added the collar and voila!  One wearable shirt.

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