2016-08 August


My second make was probably just as ambitious as the first, albeit a little less complicated in construction.

I’d discovered the following gorgeous fabrics in my local Fabric store and simply HAD to buy them.

Gown 1

Stunning Chinese Brocade fabric – little did I know how viciously this material frays….

I’d decided to make another Great British Sewing Bee garment but this time from the book ‘From Stitch to Style’ – the Unisex Kimono – pattern available here.  (External content which may be removed at any time.)

I struggled with the fraying of this material until a good friend suggested I use French Seams.  I did make a couple of mistakes with them, but learned a lot.

Gown 2

If you look at the hem  and the raw edges in the image above you can see just how badly this material frays.

I finally managed to complete this, but was a bit surprised at the depth of the hem.  Being a ‘newbie’ I stitched it as instructed, (it’s a very deep hem), but wasn’t overly happy with the result.   I would have un-picked and re-stitched, but the needle had parted the fibres of the material and I didn’t want a second line of stitching to show.

Gown 3

Overall though, I was quite happy with the finished result.


MAKE 3 – Men’s Shirt

By this point, some friends had seen my posts and offered me some material that had belonged to a family member.  (I still have some to use!)

This ‘stash’ included some lovely vintage fabrics that I could just see as shirts, so I embarked on my second shirt. (This is the same pattern as the first make.)

Having learned from the first, I adjusted the pattern for a better fit (the first is a little tight around the armholes.)

It took me a lot less time to get to this point.  You may have noticed that I attached the collar before doing the buttons this time; that’s because I couldn’t find the right buttons for the job – back to the local fabric store where I found these little beauties……

Shirt 3

You probably can’t see it because of the background, but the mother of pearl centre matches almost exactly the colour of the shirt.

Shirt 4

The finished shirt fitted a lot better, but there was still a bit of room for improvement.

Shirt 5

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