2016-09 September

MAKE 4 – Men’s Shirt

My fourth make and I’m back to the Men’s Shirt.

This time I’ve amended the pattern so the fit is perfect!  This has meant  grading the pattern from ‘XL’ at the shoulders to ‘M’ at the waist.  (Note:  this is based on this pattern only taken from the pattern sheets with the book – sizing varies from pattern to pattern and measurements should be your guide when sizing patterns to fit.)

I’d found this absolutely gorgeous fabric in the vintage stash and was determined to make a shirt from it – however, there wasn’t quite enough…..

Shirt 1

I then had a brainwave!  I decided to utilise a contrast fabric (in this case plain black) and use that to ‘fill in the gaps’ as it were.

I spent absolutely ages trying the (adjusted) pattern pieces on the fabric and finally worked out that I could squeeze the following out of my limited stock of material:

  • Front pieces x 2
  • Back piece x 1 (cut on the fold)
  • Upper collar x 1
  • Yoke x 1
  • Cuffs x 4

From the plain black I had to cut:

  • Inner Yoke x 1
  • Button plackets x 2
  • Under collar x 1
  • Sleeves x 2

Shirt 2

I wasn’t totally sure that it would work or look right.  I’d bought some more of those lovely buttons from my second shirt as they matched the materials and just winged it.

Shirt 3

The final result was much better than I could ever have imagined!

Shirt 3

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